Physical map vs political map

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name_____ date_____ Maps and Globes - Physical and Political Maps Activity Physical maps- show country borders, major cities and {name date Maps and Globes - Physical and Political Maps }.

Physical Map A physical map can be used to find bodies of water, mountain ranges, and deserts. It can also be used to locate different climates, temperatures, or {Physical and Political Geography - Typepad}.

Map Analysis Worksheet 1. Type of map ___ physical map (shows natural features like rivers, lakes, etc) ___ political map (shows the location/boundaries of cities {Map Analysis Worksheet - Wisconsin Historical Society}.

TERMS & NAMES longitude latitude hemisphere political map physical map thematic map How Maps Help Us Study History Build on What You Know You probably use maps when {Lesson 2 - SchoolWorld - SchoolWorld an Edline Solution}.

MAPS 27 Figure 4.4 : Sundarpur village and its surrounding areas Look at the Figure 4.4 and find out : (i) In which direction is the river flowing? (ii) What kind of road {physical or relief maps political maps - CBSE Academics }.

Africa-Political/Physical Map *Use the desk atlases to locate & label the following political/physical features of Africa. Map Tests will be {Africa-Political/Physical Map}.

Places to label Political • China • Indonesia • Japan • N. Korea • S. Korea • Vietnam • Laos • Myanmar (Burma) • Cambodia • Philippines {Physical & Political Maps of East Asia}.

Portugal European Political Map Directions Directions: Label each country and its capital in black. Then color each country a different color on {European Physical and Political Map Directions}.

Physical & Political Maps Project INTRODUCTION Maps are visual representations of specific areas of the Earth. They are designed by cartographers, or mapmakers. {Name: Pd: Due Date: Physical & Political Maps Project}.

Africa & Asia Black Sea Mediterranean Sea Red Sea C a s p i a n S e a INDIAN OCEAN NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN Persian Gulf 20°W 10°W 0° 10°E 20°E {africa asia - Edu Place}.

Name: _____ Period: _____ Africa Political/Physical Map Label and Color the following: color each country a separate color. {Africa Political/Physical Map - MrCurtis - home}.

usa_physical.eps Author: Houghton Mifflin Created Date: 9/21/2006 3:32:14 PM {USA: Physical - Edu Place}.

maps physical political scale topographic MATERIALS: stickers BACKGROUND: The study of maps and the meaning of the information they contain, is called geography. {THIRD GRADE -}.

Physical/Political Map: South Asia Using the World Cultures textbook, create a Physical/Political Map of the Southern region of Asia in your notes. {Physical/Political Map: South Asia Using the World }.