Hifca area map

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Each HIDTA assesses the drug trafficking threat in its defined area for the upcoming year, (see map on page 3) help HIDTAs identify new targets and trends, {HIGH INTENSITY DRUG TRAFFICKING AREAS (HIDTA) PROGRAM}.

documents pertaining to its geographical area, on which its performance evaluation • evaluate geographic commonalities by graphic depiction in maps to project {High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program Report to }.

Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis 4 Minnesota, transport large quantities of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and other illicit drugs to {Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area}.

Table of Contents Overview 1 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Map 3 Appalachia HIDTA 5 Atlanta HIDTA 10 Central Florida HIDTA 15 Central Valley California HIDTA {H IDT A High Intensit affic National - OAS - Organization }.

several high-priority interagency policy reviews and by providing a road map for future initiatives. The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area HIFCA {THE NATIONAL MONEY LAUNDERING STRATEGY FOR 2000}.

Large and growing customer base in wide and diverse geographic area (H); Located in an HIDTA/HIFCA with large number of fund transfers or account relationships {SAMPLE BSA/AML BANK RISK ASSESSMENT (February 2008)}.

Source: http://www.fincen.gov/law_enforcement/hifca/index.html#map_hifca Source: An area where the Financial Institution’s risk may be heightened {“RISK ASSESSMENTS FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WHEN IS }.

HIFCA High Intensity Financial Crime Area HIR Homeland Intelligence Report HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus HLS Homeland Security HMIG MAP Mutual Aid Plan {List of commonly used acronyms - Florida Department of Law }.

and High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (“HIFCA”) areas for U.S. domestic geographies and for institutions with MAP AML/CTF CONTROLS TO INHERENT RISK {AML/CTF Risk Assessment: The Value of a Strong BSA/AML }.

When you are looking at the overall map of HIDTA and HIFCA areas, If you are in one area there is a good chance you are in both areas and this {The foundation of a strong BSA/AML program. - ABA - Home}.

following map depicts their distance from Des Moines Crimes Area (HIFCA), according to the 1998/1999 National Money Laundering Strategy Acts. {STATE OF IOWA MONEY LAUNDERING THREAT ASSESSMENT September }.

The company's primary market area is Montgomery County of southwestern Ohio. - No Branches/Customers located in or near High Intensity Financial Crime Area (HIFCA) {BSA/AML/OFAC Risk Assessment by System Administrator }.

(See map on page 12) high intensity financial crime areas (hifCA) monitoring standards in this area. A commonsense, risk- {How to Implement Risk-Based OFAC Monitoring Practices}.

•HIFCA •HIDTA • Ability to • Methodology, analysis and assumptions for each risk area/segment needs to be documented and auditable (road map) {reports-39739-The Role of an Effective Independent Review }.